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Stone Appeal is a blend of mined stone and specially formulated epoxy applied over existing concrete solving the common problems of chipping, sinking, or cracked concrete creating a beautiful, livable space in your home or business that will add value for a lifetime.

Twice the strength of Concrete Salt Resistant Porous Resistant to Northern climates Freeze/Thaw Resistant Eliminates Standing Water Corrects chipped, uneven, cracked or unattractive concrete enhancing resale value Many colors to choose from, including borders and logos

Residential Application Commercial Application
Pool Decks
Public Areas


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Apache  Catina Pink 
Apache Catina Pink

Grey Blend  Large Alabama Rainbow
Grey Blend Large Alabama Rainbow

Large Pearl  Large Oklahoma Rainbow 
Large Pearl Large Oklahoma Rainbow

Mini Pearl Multi Flint 
Mini Pearl Multi Flint

Small Alabama Rainbow  Small Coral 
Small Rainbow  Small Coral 

Small Dark  Small Oklahoma Rainbow 
Small Dark  Small Oklahoma Rainbow 

Small Ozark Brown  Texas Rainbow 
Small Ozark Brown  Texas Rainbow 

White Rose   
White Rose  

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